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For anyone, Your marriage is the safest "home" you can build!.

"You can buy a house but you can't buy a home". It is from your house that you build a home. The saying also goes " There is no place like "HOME". What is this place we call "HOME"?

From Maslow's heirachy of needs------ food and security------ are basic. Without these there will not be any heirachy.

Somewhere along the line we lose sight of this reality to focus on this food and security when we enter into marriage relationship.

The food part of this marriage relationship is not taken for granted. Both have to be sure that they will eat, drink to sustain life in the home.

The security aspect of relationship is somehow hazy for some people.

What is the duty of a woman to establish security in the home she is building.

I believe that it is natural if not supernatural for a woman to build her home. It is in their genes.

What is the duty of a man to establish security in his home? Emotional security for his wife, the wife knowing that she is not competing with any other person in the world with her husband.

Do you know some other ways a couple can build their home?