Our coaching services cover some four specific "stages" that any marriage relationship might go through.


 1)        Preparation, Preparation, and Preparation Before the marriage.


  2)       the crucial first to the eighth year of the  marriage,


 3)        blended Marriage and 

  4)       Cross-cultural Marriage


The truth of the matter according to statistics is that between 45 to 55% of marriages that hit the rock every day go through these stages. This means that at any stage, a determined couple who respectfully want to stay together would seek intervention to reignite their marriage that may be weakening during the length of the journey. It is a journey. Right? The painful truth is that very few couples want to separate or divorce; if only they could find help somewhere to give them the tools to build (a new beginning) a new marriage to live in for the rest of their lives!!!!! 


People's attitudes toward marriage today is becoming cold. The mention of the word"MARRIAGE" alone scares some of them. Why? From our point of view, people do not want to go into marriage "TO FAIL" or get hurt. Do you blame them? marriage is being looked at as a gamble. Do you gamble with life/marriage? 


The advantages of marriage far outway the disadvantages. That is why a lot of people are still drawn to marriage today. The problem is not getting married. The problem is staying in the marriage the full length and enjoying the journey.


Our programs provide maintaining/enhancing the course of this journey.


Our Services

Preparation  before marriage.

The most important part of ANY journey/project in life is preparation. When it comes to marriage a lot of people do not even consider it as important. Big Mistake! Because they did not do this, here is the beginning of the proverbial flashing "RED LIGHT". Quite a lot have been written in favour of pre-marriage preparation. Very few couple take heed and they are grateful for it. As a specialist in marriage issues I here sound the warning again and again. Somehow a huge number of people mis-interpret/misunderstand this preparation language. There are two kinds of marriage preparation:  

                                                        (1) Preparation for the marriage journey ---- THE RELATIONSHIP. The journey is in the relationship. When a couple is equipped at the begining through pre-marriage coaching (or at any point during a bad relationship) with the right tools, skills, knowledge and wisdom to regain control, rebuild/enhance that relationship, then and only then can their marriage be guarateed for life. There are good reasons for engaging in pre-marriage programs.

                                                            (1)  It will bring you to your personal awareness of what marriage is about............

                                                            (2)  It will make you prepare better for the marriage ceremony.............

                                                            (3)   You will discover many things about yourself which if you had carried them into the marriage                                                                    journey that could have ruined your relationship..............  and more!

Surely you will know more than the couple who had no clue or about this "body of knowledge"

about marriage. If you don't know what you don't know..................?                                                 


                                                             (2) Preparation for the Ceremony( the wedding)--Either by default, ignorance or sheer ego, many couples have mistaken this preparation as all encompassing: that is it includes  No. (1) preparation and ended up in slow (sometimes quick) but inevitable crash. The good news is that no matter where you are at NOW in an unfulfilled troubled marriage relationship there is help here.

We are not saying that the ceremony is not  necessary. After all if there is no wedding the marriage journey cannot start. The question is " HAVE YOU PREPARED FOR THE JOURNEY? AND HOW?


Both couple will enjoy all the pumps and pageantry more if  they are sure of their journey. Marriage is not a guess work or a gamble. You either win beautifully or fail woefully. It is either you are enjoying it or NOT. There is no middle ground. This day and age we have choices. WIN OR LOSE. I believe every couple aim for WIN_WIN_WIN!!


Ask yourself one question. Are these ceremonies you have budgeted for, the REAL MARRIAGE ITSELF OR THE RELATIONSHIP? You will need to step back and sleep over this decision for a moment. Think here to prioritise the better option. It is a major decision in life. It will either make you or mar you.


An ideal marriage preparation is, going to look for a marriage intervention programme right at the very begining (the prevention Approach) to learn the skills and have the tools (some driving lessons so to speak, to avoid crashing) which will guide you on this long and beautiful journey; after getting through the ceremonial wedding. Any couple who wants to get married and fails to pay attention to go through one of these preparation programmes, would have had their chances of success instantly slashed by half. Frightening but true. If you want to do what you have never done before, you need an expert in that body-of-knowledge to guide you. And if you carry on only to discover that the "car" is breaking down you need a mechanic to deal with it to make it function again. It is no brainer nor a rocket science. But why do so many marriages continue to fall by the side?


The success rate of an excellent marriage coaching program "at any point of intervention" is as high as 95% and it does not matter whether the couple did not go through  premarriage coaching as the foundation.


The first to the tenth year of marriage.

Okay, so a couple knowingly or unknowingly did not go through the foundation preparation described above. How the marriage is going to build itself (because the couple have left the marriage to chance) is going to be a matter of trials and errors. Your marriage journey is out of your hands and you are not going to be in charge of it whether you know it or not.


A foremost relationship expert John M Gottman PHD, through his extensive research which lasted over twenty five years, is able to predict within ten minutes, the success or failure of a newly married couple by just watching them through a controlled environment. He is always right.


Within the first and the eighth year of marriage, 45 to 55% of married couples would have divorced. This will continue for as long as it takes. That is why we find that even a 50 year old marriage still breaks down today.


This is where we as specialists perform the bulk of our services.


Those little and big issues which couple should have recognized and settled or nip-it-in-the-bud circumstances, would not have progressed to end up in break-up or divorce. What they do is, to have their issues pushed under the carpet until that point when the carpet bursts its seams. Couple begins to notice things: bad habits, manners, language  that brings threat to each other's security. As soon as these start, each one begins to protect themselves from getting hurt. Each one begins to defend their corners


Couples can be equipped ( AT ANY POINT IN THEIR MARRIAGE ) to reconnect with themselves and their relationship and live out their true expectations of a successful, lasting and fulfilled marriage!!



Blended marriage is when one or both parties in a relationship already have off springs before agreeing to marry. Without already Knowing how to engage in this type of relationship , it is a risky decision. It is not just about the two of you in the relationship; but about all of you. Any one who wants to get into this kind of relationship MUST train for it before getting into it.








This kind of relationship is one that is most misunderstood. Minority of couple in the world are not from the same ethnic, cultural background not to mention that they're not of the same skin colour. Without coaching/counselling very many of these relationships end in separation. But when you thiis NOW, you will be surprised what difference it would have made.














We pride ourselves in giving excellent services and affer supports at an earlier stage along the way.  Marriage, especially when thinga are not going well, can be very stressfull. It is not a subject you stop people in the middle of the road and ask them "How Is Your Marriage doing?"

It is a matter the client discusses with us in confidentiality because basically this is a matter of life. To us this is the most important consideration; a confidential subject we give most attention to.


Our initial consultation may last up to 90 minutes. This is the time you get to let us know what you want your marriage to look like in a year's time after we have worked together over a number of sessions. What do you see as your dream marriage?.......... 


You see,  a married couple armed with a tool box, gets better and stronger evey time along the journey. Why? Simply becaause nothing takes them by surprise. They will have answers to any and every issue, solve it and get on with the joyful life. There is abundant joy in a marriage if you know what to do and how to do it. On the other hand without the tool box, the longer a couple's journey is, the worse  and weaker the relationship gets in some cases.

Why? Because the couple have not always been in control to build/nurture their marriage from the word go. They did not know how and there was no one to teach or ask from.


Right here today there is no need to live in quiet desperation, not finding help even if you do not have much money!!!!


Marriage Coaching is an intervention which its era has come. It is a divorce proof Intervention Program.

Find out who qualifies for the free coaching program!


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Blended marriage.

Cross Cultural Marriage.

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