How Do I Qualify?  

 You are engaged to get married, You qualify!!! within the next six months or more. The program takes a minimum of three sessions. We do not engage you when you have already booked your wedding date because you cannot manage the program and the wedding ceremony together. You will lose focus and gain nothing. We strongly recommend you finish the program before you plan your wedding. Why? one not so obvious reason is that the program will help you to better plan your wedding ceremony amongst other benefits which you will find out.

You are married NOW or no matter how long ago. However, both of you know and feel that somethings are not going well/right and are struggling with both little and sometimes big issues that is threatening your relationship and you really want to stay together, you qualify. The good thing about this is that you know you want to stay together but do not know how to manage your issues. You qualify.

You are in a blended marriage Relationship. Yes, you also qualify!!!!. A blended marriage is one in which both parties have left their previous marriage with children before this new relationship. Blended marriage has a particular theme to it and that is child/ children are part and parcel of the relationship. This appendix does not make it easier. There are two types of blended marriage relationships and each one has a different program for it.


 (1) The one in which only one party was divorced and have a child/children before this new relationship with the new partner who has not married before and without a child.


(2)  The other is the one in which both partners were divorced before this new relationship and both have child/children.                                                                                       

HOW Much Will It Cost You and for how long?. Go to enquires for details. Why? We have been married for over thirty-nine years and increasing in years. We are having a good life. We know and feel that it is time to give others who have not had the fortune to live a fulfilled married life, as it ought to be. Divorce is a painful experience and the rate is not getting lower. If we can make one couple benefit from our practice it is music to our being. Even then you can go and help others.


The average time for each coaching session is between thirty to 90 minutes.


We do accept donations from those taking part either before, during and after the program and from those who are sympathetic towards this course.


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