My wife and I started out practicing marriage counseling in a church setting. For us it was like a calling. Marriage counselling came to us naturally such that we did it for free!!.  During that period, we counseled over two hundred( 200 ) clients but mainly focused on premarital counseling. Over 75% of those we counseled are still strongly married today.


 In other to increase our success rate we decided to qualify in coaching as there are considerably better results from Coaching and counseling practice. We are certified Mediators, certified Coaches, and have Diploma in Bible Studies from Omega Fire Ministries (OFM) Auchi. We are experts in a wider area of marital interventions which include issues in marriage disputes, blended marriage,  pre-marital coaching or any other family-related issues.


We have been married for over thirty-nine years.  The wisdom and the experience we have acquired over the years plus the professional qualifications we have now gained give us the unique edge in this specialist practice. Marriage is as successful as you know how to build it, nourish it and enjoy that relationship!!!


We live up our marriage life every day. It is our passion to impart this gift to others and we want the same fulfilment of marriage for you; so that you can also impart it to others in the long term.


It is every couple's expectation to live the fulfillment of marriage life, every day.!


About Us

Our Vision

It is not impossible to reduce divorce to 0%. But what we are doing is to reduce it to between 10 to 0%. This is our vision


We believe every couple's wish is to fulfill the happy expectations of their relationship and we are here to handover to them the skills, the tools and the knowledge they can use for life.

 what Are Our Values?

        Marriage is an institution and has some basic



                           CORE VALUES.

"Can two walk  together, except they be agreed"?



The Golden Rule: Do unto others as you want others to do unto you!!.



HONEST THOUGHTS--Be true to yourself and be True to your spouse.


RESPECT yourself  and RESPECT your spouse.


LOVE yourself and LOVE your spouse.


AGREE wirh YOURSELF and AGREE with your spouse.


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