Divorce/Separation Now!! 

        Is This divorce/separation What You were Really Expecting When You Said To Your Spouse These Words  " Yes, I Do"   On That Faithful Day of Your Wedding?

Hell No.

And Now You Are Married/Husband and wife.


Did You Not Go Into  The Marriage Expecting Being :

------At one with your spouse





To name a few benefits of a successful marriage?


Instead, in some cases within days, months and then years, you start noticing some destructive habits like:





-------Shouting, coming home late

-------Being talked down, etc.


You begin to feel afraid knowing that the journey is not going down well. Your dream of a successful marriage is going down the rock.


Take heart!!. Do not blame yourselves because it has never entirely been your faults. You will soon find out.

However, here is a Marriage Foundation Program that will turn all your pains into a brand new relationship by correcting the fundamental flaw that has been mistakenly handed to us by our parents and society over the years.

Or your money back. 


This program has been developed and perfected for over 39 years. It has been practiced privately for over 20 years with a 98% success rate on over 400 couples. It is not counseling nor is it a" How To Do " instructions. Once you know the truth about this fundamental flaw, you are ready for the program.

We are doing this program for just one couple at a time on a one-on-one virtual meeting. First come first serve basis.

If your marriage relationship is becoming intolerable and you're hurting, do not deny yourself of your dream you wanted in a fulfilled marriage journey. You're feeling your marriage is slipping away through your fingers. Yet, you do not want this to happen nor do you know how to stop it.


Divorce / Separation IS NOT the answer nor will it ever going to be the answer.

There is a lasting intervention whose time has come.

          "The Marriage Foundation Program One".


We conduct virtual Zoom in One-on-One meetings for those who are aching and suffering and for small groups of up to 15 couples to transform their intolerable marriage journey into an enviable one. This will take place in a two day 90 minutes sessions virtually.  After going through the program, the couple will be supported for life. ( If Need Be ). But we have never had any need to do this yet.

Below, are some truths you must know about the core reasons why this divorce/separation disaster has been plaguing our world to this day. So stop beating yourself up that you have failed in marriage. NO!  You have not failed. It was not entirely your fault. We all inherited it. But the disaster can now be corrected and even made better. Now read on!











This Program is not for every married couple.


First and foremost, your marriage must have lasted for between 0 and 10 years. Why is this so you may ask?

The 0 (Zero) couples are those who for certainty know they are engaged and getting married and they do the program. Very few wise couples of couples take this right step at the very beginning and when they do they sail through successfully!!. Some couples do not know that this program is necessary for their successful journey. It is when marriage problems start appearing, which must appear, that this program is in place to put things right. One at a time.


It is because, on average, 50% of this group of couples who did not do the program at first, will fail between 0 to 10 years. Their marriage will end up in divorce. This is the statistical figure. And 60% of the remaining 50% will end up in divorce before their 20th anniversary. Any of the surviving % will endure the relationship in pains or even divorce in their 50's and 60's.

There was a fundamental flaw right from when the wedding was conducted.          

 You see. Here is where the problems start. The couple focused all their energies, monies, festive, pomp's, and celebration, etc. on the wedding alone and nothing else mattered to them, thinking that everything will work out as they go along. 

Unfortunately, things do not work out successfully as they go along.

We now know that it is not entirely their fault/flaw.  It has been a generational flaw/fault which has degenerated into a broken system. Unless the fault/flaw is discovered and corrected, it will continue forever.


Thank goodness. Have a glimpse at one of the major faults/flaws here and now, that has been causing the damages to innocent failed marriage victims. This is to be set right in this program.

You see, there is everything to celebrate at the wedding. Marriage is one of the best things, that brings utmost joy to humankind and at best, the most significant institution ever created if you get it right.

Pay attention here. Marriage has TWO ARMS for it to work successfully.

The number one is the JOURNEY ( The Road Map ) and the other is the WEDDING itself. 

The readiness of the mind for the journey  ( which is probably the most important arm of the components ) determines the success or failure of the marriage. You either get it right 10/10 by doing the program for the purpose of the journey or you get it wrong, fail or endure the marriage journey by not doing the program. Doing the program is a sure guarantee for success.


Take for example: Imagine a couple who wants to climb a mountain without knowing what to do. How far can they go? The marriage journey is like climbing a mountain. The couple doesn't know what they don't know. During the journey, they will dabble, doing trials and errors, all in pain and vain. And we wonder why so many marriages fail?


Our forebears never looked for the transformation of the mind to navigate the road map that must be traveled. They focused on the wedding only.


A fundamental problem needs a fundamental solution. That we have not been able to identify this flaw until now, that the transformation of the mind in preparation for the marriage journey, is the reason that has brought us into this generational disaster in failing marriages.


Thank goodness this program is here to put a STOP to divorce/separation for all time.

                Your Marriage Foundation                           Coaches

Eugene & Evelyn  The  Authors of Marriage Foundation  Program One 

Robert Waldinger: What makes a good life?​

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